dress code 

The following dress code will be enforced in order for the teacher to be able to correct alignment and body placement and to promote self discipline required for dance.  Hair must be securely pulled back off the face (in a bun for all ballet classes). 

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‚ÄčThe director and teachers of The Dance Centre place students in the level that will challenge the student technically while building and maintaining self-confidence. An appropriate class will be recommended for each student, and the student will then be evaluated during the first few weeks of class. It is common for a student over the age of 8 years to remain in the same class level for more than one year. Please remember that each child is most successful when they progress to a new level at their own pace and not the pace of their friends. 

attendance policy 

As in any pursuit of physical excellence, consistency and frequency in training are vital. Students are encouraged to make up absences as close to the missed class as possible in another class designated by their teacher. There are no refunds for missed classes.